La tristesse durera toujours

L o v e: Sherlock and his coat, Alex Kapranos, flowers, sadness
H a t e: clowns, apple pies

Me watching Sherlock 3.1

Me watching Sherlock 3.1

As I turned away I saw Holmes, with his back against a rock and his arms folded, gazing down at the rush of the waters. It was the last that I was ever destined to see of him in this world.

                                                                The Adventure of the Final Problem                                                                                     Arthur Conan Doyle

Happy Birthday, Richey, wherever you are.



i’m serious, thom yorke is just too cute <3

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my mind is so ready

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yes Alex, you&#8217;re so close

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canonical picture

canonical picture

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yes. oh yes


New fap material

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